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Our Koi feeds are mainly designed with quality in mind, and consequently offer valuable koi the very best nutrition. These feeds are logically in a higher price class, which is often of less importance to the real koi-enthusiast when the welfare of his animals is concerned. 

In relation to our other feeds, attention was mainly directed to larger dose in vitamins (the content of vitamin C and vitamin E is respectively at 300 mg/kg and 200 mg/kg) and each feed has an additional target. F.i. Koi Astax & Spirulina are aimed for colouring Koi, Wheatgerm & winterfeed are more suitable for the colder periods, whereas Immuno-active boosts the immune-system of the fish & Koi Capsanthine combines superior growth & excellent colouring.

Both vitamin C and E have an important role in the reproductive cycle of the fish and functions as a anti-oxidant. 

Besides the added vitamins the protein and energy percentages have also been increased. In addition, natural attractants were added to the koi feeds which greatly promote the appetite of your fish!

The following ornamental koi feeds are present in our standard gamut:

Wheat Germ
Koi Spirulina
Koi Astax
Koi capsanthine