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Carp Grower EX

This extruded feed has all the advantages of the sinking Carp EX, but is of the floating type instead. Notice also that it has higher protein content. This feed is one of our fastest growing feeds as it offers a quick growth combined with the floating capacity. Beware! If you feed on natural ponds with a lot of marches, the feed can float in the marches because of the wind.

Nutritional analysis

Raw Protein:40.0 % Vitamin A:15000 IE/kg
Raw Fat:7.0 %Vitamin D3:2001 IE/kg
Crude Fibre:2.3 %Vitamin E:200 mg/kg
Raw Ash:5.4 %Vitamin C:200 mg/kg
Phosphorous, total:0.70 %Copper-II-sulphate pentahydrate/copper:2.5 mg/kg

Carp Grower EX is packed in 12.0 kg and is available in the following sizes:

Article numberArticleSize
600065Carp Grower EX3,0 mm
600066Carp Grower EX4,5 mm
600068Carp Grower EX6,0 mm

This feed is produced 24 months prior to its expiry date as indicated on the package.