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Koi Astax

Koi Astax was specifically conceived to allow koi to regain their natural colours quickly. Because of the well-balanced concentrations of astaxanthine (80 ppm) and capsanthine (90 ppm), a vibrant colour will be achieved while avoiding the colouring of the white scales of your koi. This will result in a koi rich in contrast.

Astaxanthine is a natural pigment and can be found in f.i. koi, salmon, shrimp and flamingos where it is responsible for their pink to reddish hue. Astaxanthine is a carotenoid (like ß-carotene found in carrots) en related to vitamin A. As such, astaxanthine is a strong antioxidant and has functions akin to vitamin E (protection from the harmful influence of UV light).

Capsanthine is also a carotenoid but it does not appear in the animal kingdom. It is the colouring pigment which is abundantly found in red paprika (sweet pepper). As it gives rise to a more dark red colour, capsanthine is often used as a source of complementary colours for the light red derived from astaxanthine.

The high protein content and the use of premium class fishmeal results in a tasty feed which is very easily digestible. Furthermore, because of the high protein content, this colouring feed is also an excellent growth fodder which will allow young koi to quickly gain colour and thus to perform a first segregation earlier than otherwise feasible.

Nutritional analysis

Raw Protein:47.0 % Vitamin A:22500 IE/kg
Raw Fat:6.0 %Vitamin D3:3000 IE/kg
Crude Fibre:0.0 %Vitamin E:200 mg/kg
Raw Ash:8.0 %Vitamin C:300 mg/kg
Phosphorous, total:0.90 %Copper-II-sulphate pentahydrate/copper:2.5 mg/kg

Koi Astax is packed in 12.0 kg and is available in the following sizes:

Article numberArticleSize
600040Koi Astax3,0 mm
600041Koi Astax6,0 mm

This feed is produced 24 months prior to its expiry date as indicated on the package.

Koi Astax 6.0mm detail