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Oude Kaai 26

2300 Turnhout



Tel: +32(0)14 47 27 10

Fax: +32(0)14 42 09 24


Aqua Bio was founded in 1990 as a member of the Joosen-Luyckx Group. Since its conception, our prime goal has always been the development and production of first quality fish feeds. Quality was, is and will always be the most important challenge for the feeds we produce!

Initially Aqua Bio mainly produced feeds for carp, trout and sturgeon. As Aqua Bio exploits its own fish farm, we have access to all necessary equipment for the testing and optimisation of our feeds.

When turnover increased, Aqua Bio decided to invest in a new extrusion line. This allowed for the production of feeds with a variable specific weight, as demanded by the cultured species (f.i. trout and other salmonidae prefer sinking pellets whereas catfish usually feeds on floating pellets). For more information regarding the different production technologies , please have a look at the menu-item Technology.

Our experienced biologists and engineers must be your preferential contact to solve your aquaculture related problems. Of course you can also get in direct contact with them when you want more information on the different feeds available.

One of the biggest advantages of Joosen-Luyckx Aqua Bio is its flexibility. We can not only supply you with a large and diversified number of products as part of our standard gamut (see tab Products), but we can also produce feeds following the clients specifications and this for productions starting at 4 tonnes per pellet size.