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Flour for Trout

This flour, the finest fraction (<0.3 mm) of the fry crumbs, is sieved off during production.

For more information, please refer to the fry crumbs sheet.

The bait can be fed as an attractively enhancing ingredient for boilies.

Nutritional analysis

Raw Protein:58.0 % Vitamin A:22500 IE/kg
Raw Fat:12.0 %Vitamin D3:3000 IE/kg
Crude Fibre:0.3 %Vitamin E:200 mg/kg
Raw Ash:11.5 %Vitamin C:300 mg/kg
Phosphorous, total:1.60 %Copper-II-sulphate pentahydrate/copper:2.5 mg/kg

Flour for Trout is packed in 20.0 kg and is available in the following sizes:

Article numberArticleSize
600178Flour for Trout< 0,3mm

This feed is produced 12 months prior to its expiry date as indicated on the package.

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