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Floating green

This pellet is enriched with chlorofyl containing plants, wich will increase the amount of fibres and vitamins in the pellet. Since carpe species consume a lot of plants (you have probably seen a lot of plants disapear in your pond), this pellet will naturally provide for a quick, stable and smooth digestion. Espescially in the autumn and the early spring, when the cold water reduces the metabolism and the digestion speed of the fish, this pellet is advised to metain the intestinal transit, which will reduce the risk off intestinal obstruction and intestinal inflammation considerably.

Nutritional analysis

Raw Protein:33.0 % Vitamin A:15000 IE/kg
Raw Fat:4.0 %Vitamin D3:2001 IE/kg
Crude Fibre:3.0 %Vitamin E:200 mg/kg
Raw Ash:5.5 %Vitamin C:200 mg/kg
Phosphorous, total:0.60 %Copper-II-sulphate pentahydrate/copper:2.5 mg/kg

Floating green is packed in 12.0 kg and is available in the following sizes:

Article numberArticleSize
600005Floating green2,0 mm
600006Floating green3,0 mm
600007Floating green4,5 mm
600008Floating green6,0 mm

This feed is produced 24 months prior to its expiry date as indicated on the package.

drijvend groen 4.5mm detail